Crown Haven Center is north central Indianas premier equestrian and recreation center offering horse boarding, equestrian clinics, horseback riding lessons, public pony rides, equestrian events, pony birthday parties, off road military vehicle rides, therapeutic riding, outdoor weddings, and equine education programs. Facility amenities include: 180' x 80' lit indoor arena with PA and sound system, 580' x 200' outdoor riding track, 200' x 100' outdoor arena with sand footing, indoor wash stall with heated water, conference room with view of indoor arena, 80 acres of riding trails featuring multiple streams, rolling hills, valleys, and woods, 14 pastures, 19 stalls with windows, and 24 hour surveillance. We are conveniently located 5 miles to the southwest of Kokomo, Indiana, and just northeast of Russiaville, Indiana.

Full service Indoor boarding is $400 per month and includes a 12'x12' indoor stall with window, hay, grain, and water, daily stall cleaning and daily turnout. Outdoor boarding is $250 per month and includes pasture land for grazing, horse is checked twice daily, and is provided with shelter during inclement weather. Both indoor and outdoor board include use of facility amenities, including indoor arena, 80 acres of riding trails, outdoor arena, indoor wash stall, and outdoor riding track. Send us an email or call Bryce at 765-480-3930 to schedule a tour of our facility.




Pony Birthday Parties are perfect for kids! Kids get unlimited pony rides for the duration of their party. Our indoor riding arena offers protection from the elements so your party can take place any time of the day or year. Price also includes use of our party room that overlooks the indoor riding arena. Our party room features a refrigerator, sink, and 60" LED TV so kids can watch their favorite videos while they eat. The rate is $150 per hour and is fully scalable for large and small parties by simply booking more or less time depending on the number of people attending your party. We can also provide a professional photographer to take pictures and/or video during your party for an additional $50 per hour.

We have pony rides available to the public every Friday from 5pm to 7pm. Tickets are $5 and are good for one pony ride around our indoor riding arena. Riders are individually hand-led around the arena by one of our staff members. Riders of all ages are welcome. Riders are also welcome to FREE chocolate chip cookies and an opportunity to feed the pony carrots. Tickets go on sale just inside the front lobby of Crown Haven Center starting at 5pm every Friday.





Our equine education program is perfect for corporate outings, church groups, or school field trips. Attendees will learn basic information about horses including diet, safety, physiology, and equine health care. Furthermore, attendees will learn how to ride a horse, how to put on a saddle, how to put on a halter, how to put on a bridle, and how to pick hooves. Also, the content of our program can be customized to fit within a certain curriculum for classes such as animal science, biology, or agriculture. All ages are welcome. Groups attending our program are welcome to use our climate controlled conference room, featuring a kitchenette and big screen TV, for meetings, training, or lunch before or after their scheduled program.

Crown Haven Center now offers horseback riding lessons in basic riding fundamentals, jumping, and dressage for people of all ages and abilities. Rates are $30 for a half hour lesson and $45 for an hour lesson. Individuals that don’t have a horse are more than welcome to use one of our lesson horses.






Have an enjoyable evening of riding through 100 acres of trails featuring rolling hills, valleys, streams, and woods. If you have your own horse and want to trailer in to Crown Haven Center to go trail riding, the cost is only $15 per person for the day. For individuals that don’t own a horse, we offer 1 hour private guided trail rides for up to 5 people. For one rider it is $85.00. For a group of 2 riders it is $55.00 per person. For a group of 3 riders it is $47.00 per person. For a group of 4 riders it is $43.00 per person. For a group of 5 riders it is $40.00 per person. Call 765-480-3930 for availability.

Book time in our 180' x 80' indoor arena or 100' x 200' outdoor riding arena. Arena riding time is $30.00 for a half hour or $45.00 for a full hour. Trailer parking for the day is free of charge with reservation. Horse rental is free of charge if you don't have a horse. Call Bryce at 765-480-3930 for availability.






This is like a hay ride on steroids! Attendees will go off roading through the hilly, wooded countryside to the north of Crown Haven Center in the massive 10 foot tall, 25ft long, US Army M923 A2 military transport vehicle. Each scheduled ride can accommodate 20 people. Public military vehicle rides take place every Friday at 5:30pm and tickets ($10 for adults and $5 for kids under 18) go on sale just inside the front lobby of Crown Haven Center at 5pm. Tickets for private military vehicle rides are $15 per person and are by appointment only (Call 765-480-393). Perfect fun for the whole family!

Crown Haven Center offers a very unique experience for your outdoor wedding venue. The bride is transported by a horse drawn carriage to the scenic northwest portion of our property

for the ceremony. Our wedding area features a huge grassy field with a forested tree line spanning the background. Many custom options are available. Call Bryce at 765-480-3930 for details and availability.

Our therapeutic riding program positively contributes to the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being of individuals with physical and mental disabilities, including but not limited to, Autism, PTSD, Brain Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, Muscular Dystrophy, and Spina Bifida. Private therapeutic riding sessions are $30.00 for a half hour or $45.00 for a full hour.



Crown Haven Center, 5282 West, 250 South, Russiaville, IN 46979 765-883-7873

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